The wedding photography business is growing by leaps and bounds. Over the years, Indian wedding photography has witnessed some massive change. If you compare the wedding album of your parents with yours, you will witness a huge difference. Nowadays, couples are very meticulous about their wedding photographs. Like any other wedding arrangements, they want wedding photography to be of the finest quality.

As you will spend a substantial chunk of the amount on the wedding photography, it is essential to make a checklist of do’s and don’ts to avoid committing any blunder while and after hiring professional wedding photographers in Bangalore for your wedding events. We have compiled some pointers that you can bookmark for future references.


  1. Research

It’s your wedding, the most special day of your life. You definitely want each and event to be framed in the form of a beautifully weaved story. Only a candid photographer who possesses an extensive experience is capable of doing that. Before hiring a wedding photographer, take your time to research about photographers and review their experience, portfolio painstakingly. The selection of wedding photographer will become much easier when you know what you want and what the photographer has to offer.

  1. Get Everything in Writing

Miscommunication and misunderstanding could create a great chaos at any stage of the event. To avoid any confusion between you and the wedding photographer, you should exchange every important detail in writing like payment structure, project deadline, number of pictures, and numerous other professional things. It is the best way to avoid any confusion and keep the things go with the flow.

  1. Follow up Photographer

It’s good that you have booked the candid wedding photographer in advance that suits your taste. You also have discussed your wedding photography ideas, expectations, and don’ts.  But Are you sure all these points would be fresh in the memory of the photographer? A week or two prior to your wedding, take follow up of the photographer and ensure all the instructions you have given them all still fresh in their memory or not?


  1. Don’t try to make everything perfect

Wedding function is more about having fun with your loved ones rather some contest that you have to win. Don’t instruct the photographer all the time about clicking perfect photographs. You have hired the professional for a reason. So let him do his job and you have fun and keep smiling.

  1. Asking for Too Many Photography Sessions

An experienced wedding candid photographer can take stunning shots in a few sessions. Unlike the amateurs, they don’t need multiple spreadsheets to make the various combinations for the family portrait.  It is advisable not to ask for multiple photography sessions to the photographers as it can irate them.

  1. Don’t Ignore the Payment Dates

We all hustle to earn our bread and butter. Like us, photographers are also working professionals who expect a paycheck on time so they can keep up with the expenses.  Don’t ignore the payment deadline and pay them as soon as the work is accomplished.

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