They’re indeed two completely different crafts. Telling a 1000 words inside a stream of moving videos and telling a 1000 words with one still 120th of the second aren’t exactly the same factor. But there is no denying that there’s a hyperlink backward and forward artistic representations. Why else do film students study photography ought to be course? Could videography function as the natural evolution of photography or could they be two equally developed co-existent cousins? And why can you pick one within the other? Possibly the reply is it depends greatly on which has been portrayed through still or moving pictures as well as for what purpose.

For news reporting, for instance, video has numerous obvious advantages over still pictures. But among the big disadvantages is it is nearly impossible to find video clip of unpredicted news occasions because they occur. That, with the media practice of saturation coverage and it is subsequent voracious appetite for footage, implies that sometimes insufficient video is heavily overused. Amateur footage taken by anybody who been nearby, even footage from cell phones, can be used.

Just consider the effective images on the planet Press Photo awards each year and you’ll observe how single fragments of your time could be infinitely more moving than the usual hundreds or a large number of frames. They are taken by gifted those who have honed their eye and craft. The legendary images from photojournalism have was the ages since they’re both compelling and superbly composed, dramatically lit, shot in the decisive moment and communicating compelling tales. These images allow it to be very obvious that press photography is within simply no threat to be usurped by videography.